Selma McCormack - 2008 Paintings Collection - Capturing Dreams

Capturing Dreams Collection (2008):

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The gallery below is a selection from my 2008 exhibition "Capturing Dreams".

Selma studied painting and sculpture before starting to exhibit her work in the late 1980's.

Originally her sculpture consisted of clay and wax modelling and she later exhibited bronze casts of her work. Generally figurative in subject matter, she continues to produce works in bronze, and occasionally in ceramics - especially of the figure in motion and of animal studies.

A Little Power Struggle painting A Plaintive Voice painting Aching Music painting And Now For This painting Arpeggio painting Back to Front painting Camomile Break painting Easy Listening painting Entr acte painting First Stirrings painting Gypsy Jazz painting Harmonic Doodling painting Joie de Vivre Choo Choo painting Juggling Act painting Lemon Black Arnica painting Mutating to Survive painting On nOublie Rien painting Paeans to Whats Lost painting Permanently Pickled painting Private Space painting Soft Keening painting Solo Promise painting Sphagnum Summer painting Stage Whispers painting Tattoo Fetish painting The Chorus painting Unfocused Tune painting Veiled Anecdote painting Waltz in A Flat painting Elegy painting Who Are They painting