Selma McCormack - 2005 Paintings Collection - Russel Gallery Paintings

Russel Gallery Collection (2005):

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The gallery below is a selection from my 2005 Russel Gallery exhibition.

Selma studied painting and sculpture before starting to exhibit her work in the late 1980's.

Originally her sculpture consisted of clay and wax modelling and she later exhibited bronze casts of her work. Generally figurative in subject matter, she continues to produce works in bronze, and occasionally in ceramics - especially of the figure in motion and of animal studies.

Afternoon Recital painting Alternating Moods painting Atonal Music painting Beam me Down painting Before Hubris painting Blue Abstract painting Canal Lock Near Dominick Street painting Chamber Music painting Curragh Line painting Curtain Call painting Emotional Blast painting Foghorn Sounds painting Galway Docklands painting Look Now painting Melodic Fragment painting New Vibrations painting OMailles Tweeds painting Pop goes the Easel painting Precision and Insouciance painting Sostenuto painting Syncopation painting The Music Room painting We are Reticent painting