Selma McCormack - 2004 Paintings Collection - Abode in my Soul

Abode in my Soul Collection (2004):

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The gallery below is a selection from my 2004 exhibition "Abode in my Soul".

Selma studied painting and sculpture before starting to exhibit her work in the late 1980's.

Originally her sculpture consisted of clay and wax modelling and she later exhibited bronze casts of her work. Generally figurative in subject matter, she continues to produce works in bronze, and occasionally in ceramics - especially of the figure in motion and of animal studies.

A Grief Ago painting A Night at the Opera painting A Present to Myself painting A Stranger in the Garden painting A View From the Attic painting Abode In My Soul painting Abstract in Red & Gold painting Abstract in Red & Yellow painting Empress of the Blues painting Equestrian Event painting Figures in a Landscape painting Golden Mask painting Green Park painting Heart Beat painting Hiding Place painting Improvisation painting Languishing Sound painting Mask in a Landscape painting Moon Mad painting Moonglow painting Parade painting Ragtime painting Red Green Yellow painting Red Mist painting Rock Garden painting Scene III painting Somewhere Else painting Strains From a Trumpet painting The Blues painting The Departure painting The Market Place painting The Quilt painting The Visitors painting View From the Attic painting With Strings painting