Selma McCormack - 2001 Paintings Collection - Mindscapes

Mindscapes Collection (2001):

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The gallery below is a selection of work from my 2001 exhibition "Mindscapes".

In many of these paintings you will see a depth of a realistic picture. There is in them an evocative depth that extends mysteriously beyond the plane of the picture. This depth is most evident and most effective in the diptych called "The Boathouse", with its magical suggestion of water, reflection, and darkness. It is also evident in "Harbour Evening", in "Marakesh" and in "Someplace in St. Anne's". These and other paintings work like revelations.

 camelot painting  someplace in st annes painting  purple poetry painting  marrakesh painting  cresting the wave painting  harbour evening painting  alienation diptych painting  the boathouse diptych painting  exploration painting  offsides painting  the comfort of strangers painting  musician painting